Thursday, November 13, 2008


So, we finally broke down and bought a Wii on Monday. I found them in stock at our local GameStop. (That place is actually pretty cool!) Let me admit, that this is my first video game system since the original Nintendo! Not much of a gamer.

Last night, I finally got Mr. Kay to set up the system, but not before we had gone out and spent another wad of cash on extra controllers and a couple games. Once it was all set up, Mr. Kay and Lil' Kay set about beating the crap out of each other using our new (used) Godzilla game. It's pretty funny to watch your 34 year old husband jumping up and down, flapping his arms trying to make a virtual monster fly! And, there's nothing more precious than hearing your five year old scream, "Stop trying to kill me!"

(And, I still haven't gotten to play with it...)


doggiemom said...

leave it to the boys to not let the girls participate. Times just haven't changed that much have they?

fairytale0724 said...

Hey! I hope you enjoy it. I love the bowling myself, and like you I am no gamer. We miss you in the cafe' and have been thinking about you. Hope all is going well.


Estela said...

Oh I love the Wii!
We got Wii fit and that game is surprisingly intense!