Monday, October 24, 2011

Rusty Cars

Roger and I both managed to do a little picking last week, but Roger is the only one who managed to get his act together to take pictures, so you get to see some more mantiques! This is the front end of a 30s-something truck. He dug it out of a pasture down by Beaumont, Kansas on Friday. Now, he gets to figure out what to do with it! I suggested a chair, but that kind of freaked him out. He's not really an upholsterer. Might end up as a desk! For now, it's sitting in the driveway that we don't park our cars in. In front of the garage that we don't park our cars in.... (I will become more bitter about this as the weather gets colder, and I have to start scraping my windshield every morning.)

This is also a piece of an old truck. Just a smaller piece. The sellers of the first one threw this in for free, since Roger drove all the way south of nowhere to pick up the other one. I'm sure he'll come up with spectacular new lives for both of them!

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Team Effort

Blue June's Retro Deco is truly a team effort. Roger and I (Becky) do this vintage thing together. In fact, I think that's why it works. We keep each other motivated, and it's nice to have something special to share with your significant other. You know, other than the kids...

I handle the online stuff, the marketing stuff, the girly glassware stuff. Roger deals with the graphic design, the fixing stuff and the restorations. In fact, get ready to be blown away by the restoration stuff! I'm so stinkin' proud of him!

This is a 1964 AMF 508 Hook & Ladder fire truck before Roger worked his magic. (Actually, I think this was after he blasted all the rust off it.)

And this is the same truck after. He made those ladders and put the nice oak panels in the back. He couldn't find a supplier for the decals, so he used his graphic design skills to recreate them from a vintage ad.

A 1973 AMF 501 before.

And after!

A 1950s Murray Sad Face - before
Roger thought it would be neat to create an old farm truck out of this one.

Mission accomplished.
This is my favorite one of the three.

These are impressive results in my book, but I can't say I'm ever going to be too thrilled when he brings another rusty car home! Just like he's going to roll his eyes at some of my finds!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Barn Sale Finds

Roger and I spent Saturday at a fabulous outdoor craft/vintage/antique show. I'll tell you more about it later in the week. But, while I was there, I certainly couldn't resist checking out the other vendors! And I got some great things!

This chicken immediately caught my eye! I believe that it's a candy dispenser. I need to find some gumballs or marbles to try it out. It's marked 1964 Ideal Toy Corp.

I also picked up this great hand-embroidered Christmas tablecloth. The details are amazing. There is also a pair of plastic purse handles, a metal water pitcher, enamalware saucepan and cup and some soda bottle stoppers. I expect these will all be headed for my Etsy Shop soon!

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