Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Roger has been busy, and I am impatiently waiting for the day when it's all done. It's hard work waiting for the "boring" stuff to be done, so that I can do the "fun" stuff. But, I'm glad I have a husband who is handy and smart and thinks about the details. The first step was ripping out all the stuff we didn't want.

The weird sitting area at the front is gone. We will be putting a built in desk at that end. Right now, there is a folding table to hold Roger's tools and supplies.

We removed the standing shelves and the shelves over the "kitchen" area. The only original overhead bins we left are at the back.

Now, we have a crumpled mess of aluminum behind our house. I think Roger is hanging on to them in case he needs to patch anything.

After some research, we became less worried about removing things and took out the back wall that originally divided the bathroom from the rest of the trailer. Roger will be putting up a new wall back there to create the reading nook.

Found a rotten spot in the back. It would appear that at sometime in its history, the trailer was in an accident. The rear driver's side is quite beat up, and that was causing moisture to seep in and rot the floor.

It's been patched and replaced, so now it looks like it did before we found the hole!

Our first wall is framed! Progress at last! The plan is to build walls in front of the original aluminum walls so that we can run wiring without having to open the original walls and then re-rivet them back into place. We'll also be able to add an additional layer of insulation.

One more thing! We bought an electric fireplace to go in this spot. Hurray for sales at Lowes! This is the model we chose. Now, we need to find a window air conditioning unit so I'll be set for year round crafting!