Monday, July 8, 2013

Still Chugging Along...

Roger says that if I don't blog, he's not going to do any more work on the trailer. I'd really like to see this project completed sometime this decade, so here's a little blog entry!

Seems like most of the work lately has been of the "boring" variety. Stuff that has to be done, but just doesn't make me go, "oooh!" Roger has replaced all the skylights and polished the entire roof. Not an easy task since it involves perching on a slick, shiny, hot surface, often within reach of a couple of power lines.
Here's an interior shot of the new skylights. I'm sure I'll be very thankful for these when it's pouring rain and all my craft supplies are inside the trailer. In case you're wondering, most of our parts come from Vintage Trailer Supply.

The back end of the trailer has been completely polished. The tail lights have all been replaced, the logo painted red, and Roger spent some time flipping through antique license plates to find the perfect one for our trailer. It's red and has our initials. B for Becky and R for Roger. (That's Brown County, Kansas, in case you wondered.)
Now, this is the kind of work I like to see! The walls are completely beadboarded, and there are a lot more light fixtures!
At an auction a couple months ago, we found these drawer cupboards. There are three of them and we only paid $20 for them. It involves some re-working of our original plan, but the cost savings should make it worth it! As you can see, the air conditioner has also been installed. Thank goodness, because I don't want Roger to bake while he's working. It's hard to get a guy to work when he's exhibiting signs of heat stroke.
And, don't think I haven't been working on the trailer. I found this fabulous canister set at an antique mall in Shipshewana, Indiana while I was visiting my friend. It's made to hang on the wall and each bin pulls out. Perfect for storing craft supplies, right?

I tracked down this Melody Miller Happy Dishes fabric at Fabricworm. Too pricey to do all my curtains with it, but I'll come up with something to use it for. The pyrex looking dishes are just too perfect!

And, these amazing fabrics that are due out in October from Birch Fabrics. You can see more of the amazing patterns at Retro Renovation. Also probably too expensive for curtains, but we'll see! So, I've been busy with the trailer, too. My busy just involves less sweat.