Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Yellow!

It's been quite the adventure this week. I really thought that when we took our perfect healty baby girl home from the hospital, that we'd be done with the hospital for a while! Last Tuesday, we took her to the doctor for just a quick check up and ended up at the lab to have her bilirubin levels tested, because her skin was looking a bit yellow. When the results came back, her levels were well over the 15 the doctor wanted.

So, they sent out a bili-blanket for us to use at home. Unfortunately, we got pretty poor instructions, so we didn't use it correctly the first night. The next day, her levels were over 20. The doctor wanted us to bring her in to the hospital so they could put her under the larger lights. We were not at all excited about that, so we asked for more time so we could use the blanket more effectively. Her levels went down by one point, but the next day they were back up to 22, the highest they had been so far.

At that point, the doctor was insistent that we bring her in to the hospital, and I agreed. I just wanted to get it fixed as soon as possible. So, we spent this weekend in the hospital with Sally. She got to spend most of her time in a box under the "smurf light". She hated it and especially hated the little mask she had to wear to protect her eyes.

Fortunately, on Sunday morning her bili level was down to 10, and the doctor sent us straight home. Unfortunately, Lil Kay, who had been staying with Grandma and Grandpa has been running a fever all weekend and complaining of a sore throat. The doctor thought we should keep him away from Sally, so he's still there, but is seeing the doctor. Hopefully, he'll be home soon!

Seriously. I thought I'd bring my baby home, and we'd settle right down to being a family of four! This is harder than I expected!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Introducing Sally Rebecca

Our family officially grew by one whole person last Thursday at 3:55 PM. Miss Sally Rebecca has made her grand entrance into the world, and we are all completely in love with her! She weighed in at 7 lbs 12 oz and was 20 inches long.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Counting down the hours!

Tomorrow is Baby Day! Unless she should decide to make her appearance earlier, I am being induced tomorrow morning. I'm very excited and very nervous! It will be quite strange for our family of three to turn into a family of four.

Yesterday was my last day of work, so I'm at home today trying to figure out what I absolutely must get done before I go into the hospital tomorrow. So far, I've put our sheets into the washing machine, so we'll all have nice crisp clean beds to sleep in tonight. I need to pack Lil' Kay's bag for Grandma and Grandpa's house, and I'd really like to finish this last strawberry pillow that I have started.

One project I did manage to finish in time was a special hospital gown, so I can look all "purty" in those post-delivery photos! I had seen these pretty gowns on Etsy, but I just couldn't justify the expense. So, when mypinkytoes posted a listing for her pattern, I jumped on it! I love how it turned out. I did make a couple alterations due to my own sewing errors and preferences, but really a very easy pattern for anyone who has done some sewing. And coming from someone who does not sew clothes, that is saying something!
So, the next time I blog, I'll be a new mommy - again! And, yes, there will be pictures. Probably more than you'll ever want to see!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Produce

Well, we are getting down to the wire with this whole pregnancy thing and the craft show thing. So, I've been busily sewing and sewing to prepare for both! This weekend, I finished up two more pillows - a pumpkin and a pear!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Home Stretch

I am now officially 37 weeks pregnant and definitely feeling it. You know those pictures they show of the itty bitty baby all curled up in the fetal position? That's a load of crap, I say! This baby is friggin' kick boxing in side me. I'm pretty sure she spends most of her time head down spread eagle inside me. As I'm typing this, I can see my belly moving. It's sort of creepy, but it's also my favorite part of being pregnant.

Last week, I had a complete break down and was insistent that there was no way I could way four more weeks to have this baby. Then I made a list of things I want to accomplish before the Hillsboro Arts & Crafts Fair on the 19th and said, "Whoa, Baby! You better just stay put for a few more weeks!"

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good this week. I had my last baby shower last night and got lots of cute teeny tiny pink things, and I had a pedicure over my lunch hour yesterday. The house is reasonably tidy and the baby's bed is all made. However, I still haven't packed a bag for the hospital. I'm a teensy bit silly like that. I figure if I pack a bag ahead of time, I'll probably have to be induced. If I don't pack a bag, maybe I'll go into labor and be rushing around at the last minute to do it! Yep, I make my husband crazy!