Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Yellow!

It's been quite the adventure this week. I really thought that when we took our perfect healty baby girl home from the hospital, that we'd be done with the hospital for a while! Last Tuesday, we took her to the doctor for just a quick check up and ended up at the lab to have her bilirubin levels tested, because her skin was looking a bit yellow. When the results came back, her levels were well over the 15 the doctor wanted.

So, they sent out a bili-blanket for us to use at home. Unfortunately, we got pretty poor instructions, so we didn't use it correctly the first night. The next day, her levels were over 20. The doctor wanted us to bring her in to the hospital so they could put her under the larger lights. We were not at all excited about that, so we asked for more time so we could use the blanket more effectively. Her levels went down by one point, but the next day they were back up to 22, the highest they had been so far.

At that point, the doctor was insistent that we bring her in to the hospital, and I agreed. I just wanted to get it fixed as soon as possible. So, we spent this weekend in the hospital with Sally. She got to spend most of her time in a box under the "smurf light". She hated it and especially hated the little mask she had to wear to protect her eyes.

Fortunately, on Sunday morning her bili level was down to 10, and the doctor sent us straight home. Unfortunately, Lil Kay, who had been staying with Grandma and Grandpa has been running a fever all weekend and complaining of a sore throat. The doctor thought we should keep him away from Sally, so he's still there, but is seeing the doctor. Hopefully, he'll be home soon!

Seriously. I thought I'd bring my baby home, and we'd settle right down to being a family of four! This is harder than I expected!


PonderandStitch said...

omg, I remember you talking about being pregnant in the forums- you had your little bundle of joy! She is darling, and I love the name! I'm glad she is doing better! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too (and, yes, you should totally post progress of your crochet!!)

Pixie's Purpose said...

It's all going to work out in the end. *hugs* I know it's hard right now, but some day you will look back on it all and laugh. I still have my son's mask from his time under the bili lights. It looks so tiny now. My best to the whole family and I sincerely hope that you will all be reunited very soon.

Christopher And Tia said...

OH NO! Becky!!

Poor little Sally. And how scared for your little baby you must have been. I got chills reading this, and feel just awful. I wish I lived closer to give you a great big hug.

I hope everyone is doing well now. I can't wait to see more pictures of your beautiful daughter.