Monday, September 26, 2011

Last Week's Finds

Not a lot to share this week. I think auction season is winding down, and even if it isn't, our bank account is! I still managed to get out to the thrift store last week where I found this cute little tray. I love that it has a those six depressions to hold drink glasses and each one is decorated with a different botanical motif.

Found both of these puzzles at a yard sale on Saturday morning. Of course, I love vintage toys and the graphics on these are just great. I'd love to see these framed and hanging on a wall.

All of these items (and more) are listed in our Etsy Shop!

Oh yeah!! We finally have a logo! Meet June!

Roger (my own personal graphic designer) made it for the shop. Can't wait to show her off at the Barn Sale this Saturday!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rusty Gold

This week's auction was interesting. Not nearly as many household items as we usually see, but plenty of rust and steel. I did manage to pick up a couple pieces of green Fire King glassware and a carnival glass candy dish, but most of the items were a bit less, well, girly.

Roger was practically drooling over this train. It was originally a ride on toy. In fact, there were even train cars that could be attached to it.

We often pass by sleds, because it's hard to tell if they are actually old. After being left out in the snow, all sleds look a bit worn! But, this one was the right price, so we didn't mind taking a chance.

This desktop is a bit, um, "rough", shall we say? But I couldn't resist the little cubby holes and the way the top lifts up to reveal a couple of hidden compartments.

For some reason, I was completely drawn to all these old rusty steel wheels and cranks. They just look amazing and manly and geometric. I had to have them. Basically, there was a big pile of rusty stuff, and the bidding was for "your choice". I let the men duke it out for the "prime" stuff. (Mostly stuff I wouldn't have known the technical term for if my life depended on it.) Towards the end, I was able to come in and get a few of my wheels for a few bucks each.

More steel wheels! One of the other attendees got a good chuckle out of hearing me ask Roger if I thought they would fit in a flat rate priority mail box. "Hey!" I told him. "If it fits, it ships! Up to 70 pounds."

I also love these old ammunition boxes. There were some other good ones, but those slipped away. Probably because they were filled with a bunch of rusty wrenches...

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I have NOT abandoned this project!!

Remember a few months ago when I got all excited about granny squares? And I said I was going to do the Granny a Day project? And I posted my pretty little squares? And then I stopped?

I did not abandon ship! I did not give up! I just had to put it on the backburner for a bit. I've started again. And, while I'm not getting quite one a day done, I am getting some done. And I'm pretty darn happy with them. I'm up to 29 squares and have another in the works.

I like to work on them over my lunch hour in my van. Or in the evenings while I'm watching TV with Roger. I've decided to enjoy the project and not the let the project become an object of guilt or obligation. It's supposed to be fun, for goodness' sake! And it is!