Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I've been thinking a lot about new items that I've been wanting to add to my Etsy shop, particularly items in the $10 to $15 price category.

This past weekend I worked on a fun little wristlet that forced me to conquer my fear of zippers! It also encouraged me to think about trimmings. Unfortunately, I misread instructions and didn't think things through. My first attempt was going along brilliantly! (I thought.) Then when I finished everthing and turned the wristlet right side out, I discovered that I had a raw seam in the lining. All right. So, it was a learning experience. Typically, my first attempt at any project doesn't turn out perfectly. That's how I work out the bugs. I knew what I had done wrong, so I wouldn't make the same mistake on the next one.

So, I started on the second wristlet. Same fabric, same trim. This time I sewed my label into the lining, because I was confident that this would be the first one I would list in the shop. And, it would have been, too, if it wasn't for poor pin placement. As in, I placed the pin directly into the palm of my hand and bled on the wristlet. It's just a small dot on the lining, but I certainly don't sell products that I've bled on! So, my sister and I will be sporting matching wristlets this fall. I'm going to let her decide if she wants the one with the raw seam or the one I put so blood, sweat and tears into. Okay, well, blood, at least.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Time

Every October, my side of the family all gets together at the pumpkin patch for an afternoon of fun and pumpkin gathering. This year, we chose to go to the Smoky Hill Bison Pumpkin Patch. Of course, it was Sally's first trip to the patch. Unfortunately, she spent most of the afternoon under her carrier cover thanks to the brisk Kansas wind. We snuck her out a couple times for photos, but that's about it! I was pretty thankful for her cute little pumpkin hat to protect her tiny ears.
There were plenty of activities to keep the kids busy. We conquered the corn maze, raced rubber ducks, nailed wooden chickens with bean bags and climbed on a giant spider web. My sister and four year old niece even braved the zip line!
Obviously, our main goal was to gather the perfect pumpkins. We came home with four small to medium sized pumpkins, including two orange ones, a blueish-green one and a white one. Well, I say "we came home with", but actually we forgot them at my parents' house. I'll be making a trip over there to pick them up before our pumpkin carving party next week!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sally's First Craft Show

Mom, Sally and I spent Saturday in our booth at the Central Christian's Market Square craft show in Wichita. Business was a little slow, but we had a good time showing off Sally in her cute little "Future Crafter" onesie from MuthaCrafter. She was quite the popular little lady and extremely well behaved. (Let me assure you that I only bring my kids with me to these kinds of things for the first year of their lives. You know, while I can still shove them in a carrier and stick a bottle in their mouth!)

This is pretty much how the weekend went:

Passerby: How old is your baby?
Me: One month.
Passerby: Look at all that hair!

If I had a dollar for everytime I had that exact conversation, the craft show would have been a HUGE success!

As it was, we didn't sell a lot, but it was a very nice show! Well-organized and wonderful quality exhibitors! I would definitely consider doing the show again. I even met a fellow Etsian - LindsayLouCreations!

I'm all done with craft shows for this year, so my new patchwork fruit pillows are starting to show up in my Etsy shop. Stop by and take a peek!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Decor 2009

Friday evening, Lil' Kay called a family meeting. He sat us down on the couch and informed us that it was time to put up the Halloween decorations. Over the course of the weekend, we finally got everything put up. Here's a peek at our Halloween decor for this year! We printed these jack-o-lanterns off of the Playhouse Disney website. Then we colored them, cut them out and taped them to our bookcase for a cute pumpkin patch border!