Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I've been thinking a lot about new items that I've been wanting to add to my Etsy shop, particularly items in the $10 to $15 price category.

This past weekend I worked on a fun little wristlet that forced me to conquer my fear of zippers! It also encouraged me to think about trimmings. Unfortunately, I misread instructions and didn't think things through. My first attempt was going along brilliantly! (I thought.) Then when I finished everthing and turned the wristlet right side out, I discovered that I had a raw seam in the lining. All right. So, it was a learning experience. Typically, my first attempt at any project doesn't turn out perfectly. That's how I work out the bugs. I knew what I had done wrong, so I wouldn't make the same mistake on the next one.

So, I started on the second wristlet. Same fabric, same trim. This time I sewed my label into the lining, because I was confident that this would be the first one I would list in the shop. And, it would have been, too, if it wasn't for poor pin placement. As in, I placed the pin directly into the palm of my hand and bled on the wristlet. It's just a small dot on the lining, but I certainly don't sell products that I've bled on! So, my sister and I will be sporting matching wristlets this fall. I'm going to let her decide if she wants the one with the raw seam or the one I put so blood, sweat and tears into. Okay, well, blood, at least.


goodkarma said...

these look great, and i'll think they'll be an excellent compliment to the purses in your shop.

hey, it's halloween - if you would've marketed your blood-splattered wristlet right, you probably could've charged double for it!

Sarah said...

I've gone almost a year without a new small Becky Kay purse. Blood shmlood.