Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A story by Lil Kay

There is a neatly colored picture of a shark and some trees to go with this story. Not for the faint of heart! ;)

There are no houses in this picture, because there were no houses at this time. But there was something that was real in the deep blue sea. The waters of the ocean began to blow. Suddenly the world saw something it had never seen before. Suddenly it popped out of the ocean. It was a dog shark. It swam the vast ocean looking for people to eat. Suddenly the water made a big wave and banged into houses. The cars were driving on water and needed big boats to be protected from the shark, but the shark kept following them. They used arrows to kill the shark. They had to keep trying to kill the shark over and over. The shark followed them for infinity days, for three hundred days. The animals let everything go and went off everywhere. People found big wood to build house and they found infinity hay.

1 comment:

goodkarma said...

great, now i'm going to have nightmares about dog sharks. for infinity days.
thanks, lil kay.