Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mass Production

You probably don't recognize it, but let me assure you that this mass of fabric is a pile of Itsy Bitsy Bag handles. I spent yesterday sewing together the three main parts of an Itsy Bitsy or any of my bags for that matter - the bag, the handle and the lining. Now, I've just got to combine the three components, and I will have over 20 Itsy Bitsy Bags to contribute to the December Little Black Box. I'm actually thinking about making another batch of them in a different pattern. We'll see if I have time before the deadline.

I had actually hoped to finish them today, but the wind died down, so it was a good day to take some photos. I managed to get a few things listed in both the BeckyKay Designs and the She Made It! shops.
It's back to my job tomorrow, but Tuesday is Veterans' Day, and that means no work for me! I'll be working at home though. Probably finishing those Itsy Bitsy Bags.

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LoveMeKnot Creations said...

awww! busy girl!

miss you!
love your fabric hon