Thursday, October 2, 2008

Reunion Time!

This past weekend was my 10 year class reunion at Hesston College. Hesston is a small two year Christian college in Kansas not far from where I live. I spent three semesters there and loved it! I'm thinking that if Lil' Kay decides he wants to go to Hesston in a few years, I'm good with that. Especially since it's only about 30 minutes from our house!

Some of my most favorite people were convinced to drive and fly in for the event, and I'm so glad they did! It was awesome to walk around campus and reminisce about the things we did and the people we knew.

My friend Alysha drove up from Oklahoma City. She's one of those friends that no matter how long it's been since we've seen each other, we pick up right where we left off. I remember the first time I met her was in chapel. She came and sat down next to me, the shy off-campus student. She is smart and funny and has a boisterous laugh/cackle. She was responsible for driving all the way to Kansas City to pick up our friend Matt from the airport on Friday night, and then deliver him to me on Saturday morning.

Matt actually flew in from Vancouver, Canada for the reunion. It took some very serious convincing and perhaps a guilt trip or two to get him here, but he sort of admitted that I was right. Well, he said I wasn't wrong. We hadn't seen each other in five years, so I was really looking forward to meeting him. Matt is partially responsible for helping me recover from a bad break up my first semester at college. Thanks to him and several other friends, I decided to become an on-campus student for my second semester at Hesston. Basically, we met through a play we did that first semester. My life has not been the same since. He is absolutely hilarious and smart and talented and an amazing person to have conversations with.

Then there is Grant. Honestly, I didn't really believe that he was going to show up for the reunion until I saw him walking across the campus. He and I agree on very little, except the fact that we like each other. Grant truly is one of the smartest, most charismatic people I know. I
can only pray (a lot) that he will use his powers
for good and not evil.
So, we wondered around campus for a lot of the weekend. We visited the old buildings where we used to spend time, ate in the cafeteria (totally surreal) and looked at what has changed since we were there. We scoured the bookstore, and I got to show Lil' Kay some of my old alma mater. He thought it was great!
And, now, they've been gone since Sunday and I kind of miss them.

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