Monday, October 6, 2008

Needlefelting Attempt #2

Needlefelted Shark , originally uploaded by BeckyKay Designs.

I'm pretty proud of this one, since I did it all on my own without a kit and without instructions. I did use a couple of Lil' Kay's toy sharks as reference, but that's it!

Now, here's the crazy part. Last Monday, I made my wee little bunny. Lil' Kay was totally fascinated, so I gave him a bit of wool to play with. A day or so later, his right eye gets all puffy and red, and he develops a bit of a rash on his body. Friday, I keep him home from school and we make a visit to the doctor. The doctor says it is some kind of allergic reaction. We cannot figure out what it is from! We haven't changed soap or detergent or anything, and he hasn't eaten anything unusual.

Friday night, I pull out my brand new order of wool from The Felted Ewe in preparation for making the shark. I comment on the quantity of wool I received, and Mr. Kay says, "That's wool?"

I say, "Yeah."

He says, "Ummmm....I'm allergic to wool."

And then it dawns on us. Wool. Itchiness. Allergic reaction. Yep. Lil' Kay is allergic to my new hobby. Doesn't that just figure?


Rosebud Collection said...

You did a great job..Looks beautiful.
It is such an interesting art form..

jessicajane said...

the shark is awesome, my husband would love it. That is sad theyre allergic to it though :(

Jennifer said...

Can a shark be cute? This one is! Nice job :)

Lemon Shortbread said...

that looks amazing, and I can't tell you've just started on felting!! thank you for visiting my blog too =D

Ally said...

That looks great! Cant wait to see what you create next!

Estela said...

Oh no!!! Poor lil guy!
Your shark does look great!!

nicaeli said...

wow, that is awesome! I am sorry to hear about the allergies, hopefully it will resolve over time.

PitBullLadyDesigns said...

Are they allergic to wool once it is felted?