Monday, October 20, 2008

New Stuff at SheMadeIt!

Well, the craft show this weekend, was not everything we had hoped it would be. The weather was beautiful, there were quality booths and lots of people, but not enough buyers! We made enough to pay for our booth fee, but not a whole lot more than that. Although, Mom did get an order for two more crocheted monkeys.

The good news is that since we didn't sell out, I've got tons of new stuff to add to our She Made It! Etsy shop. I highly recommend you check it out, as I will be adding more and more over the next several days.

Jessica uses some of our scraps to make the prettiest little baby or doll blankets you've ever seen. She does the piecing by machine, then hand ties them and sends them to our lovely quilter Grandma Reva for binding by hand. I also have about three crib quilts ready for listing, too, with frogs, cowboys and vintage-look fabrics!!

This summer, Jessica came up with two adorable designs for tooth fairy pillows which I absolutely adore! One is a tough looking tooth with his own set of fangs. The other is a pretty little tooth with wings that actually flap! Both designs feature a little pocket to hold a tooth and the tooth fairy's payment.

A tooth fairy pillow is an absolute must if you have a kid in the tooth-losing age range. I'm told it is much easier to remove and replace a tooth when it has its own special pillow than it is to wrestle it out from under a child's pillow without waking them. The tooth fairy and I are good friends.

As you know, I made over 50 crayon caddies for our craft shows this fall. I sold a lot of them, but there are still a number left. I've started listing them in the shop. Many of them are suitable for little boys, because as the mom of a boy, I know how hard it can be to find cute handmade gifts for boys. Crayon caddies make great stocking stuffers and small gifts for birthday parties. I have also found that my son is more likely to put his crayons away in a caddy than back in the box. (Results may vary depending on the child.)

We've still got lots more to add, including some bundles of flannel burp cloths that our sister-in-law Heidi makes. Flannel burp cloths are fabulous! They actually get softer the more you wash them!

So, be sure to check out She Made It! It's been bare in there for a while, but it's filling up with all kinds of great kids and baby gifts!


kim* said...

great tooth fairy pillow :)

Christopher And Tia said...

I didn't know you had a 2nd shop! I just went and checked it out and it looks great!!

I can't rave about the crayon cady enough btw, we love ours. It goes everywhere with us.