Friday, July 1, 2011

Salt & Peppers

I'm not usually a salt and pepper kind of girl. I just don't get the appeal. They're cute and all, but why in the world would you need hundreds of sets? Then I saw the salt and peppers at this auction! There were a lot of the regular ones you see all the time, but then there were some that were so clever, that I just couldn't resist! I may have gone a little overboard with a few of these. Now, remember, these photos were taken immediately after the auction, so they were still a bit grungy.

How cute is the toaster? You push down the lever and the little slices of toast pop up! White toast for the salt and brown toast for the pepper!

And, why wouldn't you want this on your picnic table?

A mixer salt and pepper shaker! And the beaters are the actual shakers! You just pull them off and add some salt and pepper to your food! (Not a lot of salt and pepper, obviously, but hey! we should all be watching our sodium intake, right?)

This fruit basket was pretty much my favorite. I love that the pineapple and lemon (apple?) are the shakers and the entire top comes off to reveal the sugar bowl underneath!

This one is to use with your tv dinner! (har har) When you turn the knob to "on" the shakers pop up from the top.

This one has a story to go with it. The first night of the auction we bought a flat of miscellaneous and mismatched shakers. We found the little tiny white salt shaker in the box, but no matching pepper. When we went back to the auction the next day, we found this little wringer washer shaker set missing its salt shaker! I immediately realized that I had the missing salt at home. I made sure to keep an eye on this box, so I could bid on it or at least offer to mail the salt shaker to the winning bidder. I won the box for almost nothing and was able to reunite the salt and pepper. I think this one is going to stay with me. It's red, you know, and I love red things.

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