Thursday, June 30, 2011

Curbside Pickin's

I work in the real estate industry, and yesterday, a realtor gave me a tip! She said she'd just left a property that had closed that morning and there was a bunch of stuff marked "free" sitting at the curb! So, after work, I took a little detour to check it out!

I managed to pull a handful of treasures out the pile - The green and brown pot has a Haeger sticker on it. It appears to have been used to hold pens and pencils, because there are a couple hard blobs of ink on the inside. There were the two milk glass pieces. (How do you tell if it's "real" milk glass?)

The pie plate is Pyrex, but when I got home I realized it has the word "microwave" on it, so it's not really vintage. Still, it's a nice pie plate, so I'll either add it to my own kitchen or pass it on to someone who actually makes pie.

There was a matching sugar bowl to go with the creamer, but it was chipped. I snagged the creamer because of the cute pink flower on it. It's marked "Pink-a-Dilly" and Franciscan.

The pinkish soup mug is Frankoma. I'm in love with its color. The white dishes are marked "Calif USA 259". They're part of a chip and dip set, it seems, but I'm missing the middle bowl. I may have to track down the bowl. From what I've seen on-line it comes in different colors.

What I'm not showing you is the stack of vintage fabric I dug out of the 3 or 4 HUGE boxes of fabrics sitting at the curb. I've got about half of them washed.

While I was "picking", the new owner of the property showed up. He's a regular customer of ours, so I sheepishly said, "Hello!" and told him the realtor had sent me. He laughed, "I caught you red-handed, didn't I?" He invited me into the house and showed me a couple desks he wants to get rid of, but I wasn't interested in taking home anything so big!

Anyway, this was a fun little surprise haul, and the price was definitely right!

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