Monday, June 27, 2011


The weekend before this past one, Roger and I went to the biggest auction of the summer. Part of it was held on Friday evening and the second part on Saturday. The seller was a gentlemen who had planned to open an antique store with his wife a number of years ago. Unfortunately, she passed away unexpectedly, and he lost his interest in the business. So, this sale was pretty much all antique and vintage items. No random household junk. Just the good stuff!

We bought LOTS! This will give me enough blogging material for all week! (I was too busy last week to tell you about this, but that's okay, because we took this past weekend off and went to the zoo with the kids, instead!)

I've been trying to figure out what to show you and when! How to categorize it all! Today, I'm showing the stuff we're keeping. The stuff we bought for our own collections.

I saw this pretty little fairy in a box of stuff and fell in love! Look at her cute bobbed hair and colorful wings! The bottom is marked Germany. I was pretty sure I was going to have to fight for it, but it went for $5. I realized later why. The front has a big chip, but that's okay! I love her anyway!

The toy sewing machine on the right was my big purchase for the weekend. Roger was doing the bidding for me. I told him to go up to $50. He won the bid for $55. I love the art deco decals on this one! It will be a great addition to my collection. The beat up one on the left needs some TLC, but it will have a good home with us, anyway!

This will probably be the most expensive lamp I ever own. Roger saw it on Friday night and could hardly contain himself. He has been wanting a piece of trench art for his World War I collection, and this one surpassed his wildest dreams, I think. It is made out of a shell and carved with the word "Verdun". (Remember the Battle of Verdun? That was a big one, right?) It's really a nice piece! It didn't have a shade of any sort, but Roger added an authentic helmet to it when he got it home. It was pretty funny to watch him bid. He said his heart was about to jump out of his chest! And, I'm supposed to be the "emotional" bidder!

Roger's bachelor's degree is in Art, so our house is full of art. We always check out the pictures at auctions. Roger assures me that this pretty little picture is actually quite seductive and downright naughty! See the way she's lifting her dress and part of her breast is exposed? Those crazy Victorians! Roger says he'll hang it up high so the children won't be corrupted.

This is a very nice etching (so I'm told) of a fox hunt. Can you find the hiding fox?

So, that's it for today! I've got plenty more to show you though! And we've chosen a name for our new vintage business! More on that later!

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Dhamma said...

I wouldn't put the Victorian picture out were children could see it, what are you all thinking?! HA!! That cracked me up putting it up high.:) Love your fairy and dang the lamp what a find! you all did good, can't wait to see more!

leah @ plainview - moxiethrift on etsy said...

i LOVE it all! the fairy piece is quite lovely (chip or no chip!) and the sewing machines? totally cool! great scores.

LeAnn said...

I love your fairy basket. That is a beautiful piece, and chips just add character.

Betsy said...

Oh wow! You have some beautiful pieces here; I can only imagine what else. That lamp is amazing. You both have a keen eye for the good stuff. Now this is really my kind of sale!