Monday, June 13, 2011

How Does This Happen?

Never in my life have I spent $100 at a garage sale. Except in the last two weeks. We were actually planning on taking the weekend off. We had too many other things going on. But, we ended up in Newton on Saturday morning, and Roger said, "We should check out some garage sales!" We didn't even have the classifieds to go by; we just followed the signs.

I found the two biggest of these spools at one of our first stops. Roger picked up the other three at another sale a few weeks ago. I love these things! I always admire them at antique stores, but haven't been willing to shell out the money for them, because you can't have just one! These were a steal! (They probably won't be going up for sale. Well, maybe one or two of them will.)

I also found this little teapot. It's marked "Made in Italy for Creative Playthings Inc." I haven't done any research yet, but for a buck, I figured I'd take a chance!

These two boxes were marked at $5 each. I was admiring them, but Roger was running out of cash, so I was going to pass on them. The seller offered to give them to me for a buck - for both! SOLD!

Our final stop of the day was the big $100 sale! There were lots of great items. I was admiring the things on the table, while Roger was looking at bikes. We came home with three bikes.

I'm partial to the one with the banana seat and baskets.

This Hotpoint iron doesn't have it's cord, but I figure it will be used for display and not ironing, so that's okay!

I saw this adorable, completely unused baby book and had to grab it! The copyright is 1951, and the illustrations are fantastic!

I found Ken in a shoe box. He's dated 1968 and has a speaker on his back, so I think he used to talk, probably by a pull string which is also gone. I got home and found out that his head isn't very firmly attached either. BUT, he's got a great wardrobe! Some of the clothes have tears, but many of them are perfect. I'm going to try to clean them up. I especially love the ski poles and flippers.

We also picked up a few other things - wooden antique billy club, a candy/small toy Toys N Joy vending machine and a fun postcard.

This coming weekend we're heading to a HUGE antique auction. We've been looking forward to this for a while. We'll see if we can afford anything!

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Anonymous said...

That little baby book is sweet.
I guess Ken has lost his head over his fabulous wardrobe. :)
Have fun at the auction.

Nick said...

I love spools as well, I wonder what kind of Feaudian connotations that has? Those are agood haul. The boxes are great as well, maybe you should employ the strategy of 'runing out of money' more often!

Anonymous said...

All great finds but the bikes! I love the bikes!