Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Estate Sale

I've attended a lot of auctions and gone to plenty of garage/yard sales, but I had never gone to an estate sale. I mean, the kind where you actually go into someone's house and everything is for sale. I found one advertised last week here in town, and decided to go check it out over my lunch hour.

At first, I was a little disappointed, because the dining room table was covered in all kinds of pretty glassware, but it was all more than I wanted to spend. Let's face it. I'm cheap. But then I thought, "Hey! I should go check out the kitchen!" And that's where the fun started! I just started gathering stuff up and taking it to the front table to wait for me!

I got a couple sapphire blue Fire King dishes, a salt and pepper shaker set (I realized later it had been repaired - a lot), a pretty china tray, an old red letter Pyrex liquid measuring cup, four vintage tablecloths, a cute travel alarm clock, a pretty blue plastic jewelry box, an aqua and cream pitcher and tumblers, and I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff! It sounds a little creepy, but I found it pretty stinkin' awesome to walk through someone's house and know that it was all for sale!

I spent a lot of the weekend trying to get some old stains out of the vintage tablecloths, but I think I did a pretty good job! One was already perfect, one will be staying with me, because I discovered a lot of tiny holes in it, and the other two are in fine vintage shape, so I feel comfortable selling them. I can certainly see how easy it would be to get addicted to vintage linens! If I entertained more, I'd probably start collecting them myself!

(Just so you know, the two items pictured above are available in our Etsy shop! :)

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Kayla said...

I'm anxious to see the linens. I'm an addict to them and I hardly entertain. I think it's just a reminder of those my great grandma used to have on her table everyday!

Into Vintage said...

I am addicted to vintage linens but I can stop any time I want... :-) I just read through some of your older posts and loved the one about the way you & your husband spent your anniversary. Sounds perfect to me!

Karen G @ It's Still Life said...

Love the alarm clock. The color is what does it. Great finds.

lost property vintage said...

Lovely finds. I'd love to go to an estate sale, but we don't have them here in the UK.

SixBalloons said...

I love that clock, it reminds me of one my grandfather had!

bopfish said...

I find the best stuff in the basements, kitchens and guest rooms at estate sales. BTW- the coffee set if pretty cool.