Monday, July 21, 2008

New Displays

Call me a dork, but office supply and store display catalogs excite me! I love flipping through them. I don't really order much, but I love the idea of all those little pieces of metal and paper and whatnot.

In preparation for our craft shows this fall, Jessica and I decided to revamp our booth. That means I got to flip through store display catalogs with purpose! We're retiring our trusty old pegboards. They've served us very well, but they are big and bulky and heavy. Not much fun to load up and set up. Instead, we're opting for a couple of metal racks to hang my purses and Jessica's baby blankets from. We'll hang the purses using clip hangers and the blankets using skirt hangers. We also got a cute little spinner rack to hang hair accessories on. This should give us room for more table space in our booths this fall.
We ordered everything from Robert H. Ham. Now, I'm just sitting back and waiting for the big fun box to arrive on my doorstep! Exciting stuff, huh?


kim* said...

that is always fun ...displaying

Elle said...

I LOVE Robert H. Ham!!!! Thanks!