Monday, June 9, 2008

Walking with Dinosaurs Live

This past weekend, we took Lil' Kay to Kansas City to see the BBC tour of Walking With Dinosaurs Live. We were a little nervous about the fact that we spent so much money on the tickets after taking him to the T-Rex Cafe over Memorial Day weekend. At the Cafe he was terrifed of all the animatronic dinosaurs and other creatures. He refused to come look around with us. At that point, Mr. Kay and I looked at each other and thought, "Oh my gosh! We've spent $185 on tickets for a show, and he is probably going to spend the entire time with his head buried in his seat!"

The show was supposed to be a surprise, but at that point, we decided we better start preparing him for what he would see. We showed him pictures and YouTube clips and kept reminding him that they weren't real, and Mommy and Daddy would never take him anywhere dangerous. By the time we got to the Sprint Center on Saturday night, he was ready for it.

Outside the Sprint Center, it was like a convention for 5-9 year old boys. They all walked around comparing t-shirts. "That boy has a velociraptor on his shirt!" "Hey! He has a T-Rex!" I got to listen in as Lil' Kay had a discussion with another boy about their favorite scenes from the various Jurassic Park movies. "Remember that part where..." "My favorite part is in Jurassic Park 3 when..." You could just tell that he was thinking, "I've found my people."

When we got inside, he immediately wanted to find out where he could buy a dinosaur toy. How did he instinctively know that there would be overpriced merchandise available for purchase? Why do kids' t-shirts cost $25? He ended up with a plush velociraptor for the bargain price for $25!?! After we saw our neighbor's $20 program, we had to have one of those, too. Truly, it was probably our best deal. Lil' Kay will spend hours pouring over those glossy pictures.

The show was absolutely amazing! The creatures all looked so real! Lil' Kay just soaked it all in. He couldn't sit still, because he was so excited. There was not a bit of fear in his eyes. He couldn't get enough of the dinosaurs. He has his own copy of the BBC Walking With Dinosaurs series on DVD. He watches them constantly. At one point, he was so excited that he was literally screaming information into my ear about the stegosaurus's plates. And, guess what, he was right! The narrator confirmed his words shortly thereafter.

I was able to capture a few decent pictures. We had pretty good seats, but taking photos in an arena is always a challenge. There are a lot of clips on YouTube:

Totally worth the ticket price, especially if you have your own little dinosaur junkie!


Christopher And Tia said...

Becky that looks so awesome!! What a really great thing to go do. You guys are so fun.

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Rosebud Collection said...

I am so ashamed..I couldn't watch Jurassic Park, it scared me to no end..I kept walking out of the room and my daughter, had to keep reminding me, it was a movie..Anyway, so happy you all had a fun time.