Monday, June 16, 2008

I have been completely uninspired for the past few months whenever I even think about sewing purses! In fact, I haven't felt like sewing much of anything, although I did make myself a skirt the other day, and I did stitch up a crayon caddy for a customer request.

Craft show season is going to be here before I know it, and I just cannot stand the fact that I have absolutely no back stock! Both shops are practically bare! Last night, I sat down with my sister and we decided which shows we want to do this year. We're only going to do two. We'll do the local show in October and, hopefully, the huge outdoor show in Hillsboro, Kansas the third Saturday in September. Unfortunately, the application deadline has come and gone for Hillsboro, but I checked in with them today and they are still taking applications for their waiting list. If that doesn't pan out, we will probably do Art in the Park in Marion, Kansas on the same weekend. (They have a much later application deadline!)

With that decided, we absolutely must start sewing our little behinds off! To inspire myself, I took a little trip down to my local quilt shop. I hadn't been there in months, so I was treated to a huge selection of new fabrics that I had never seen before. These were the three I walked out of the shop with. I could have left with much, much more, but I have a huge tub full of fabric at home that needs to be worked through first. These are just to jumpstart my creative mojo! Aren't they fabulous? You'll probably see one or two of them in my shop soon. The plan is "one for the shop, one for the shows."

I am really excited to get home from work tonight and get to work on these new bags! Hopefully, my dry spell is over for a few months!

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