Friday, May 9, 2008

New Friends

This evening, after work, we were all out in the yard working various projects. Mr. Kay was mowing the lawn, and I was adding some English ivy to my topiary pots. Lil' Kay was hunting toads.

I love having toads in my yard. When I was a kid, we used to catch them and try to keep them as pets. That never really worked out, because they always escaped from their shoebox condos. I still get a kick out of finding the little creatures, plus they eat bugs, so they're great to have around!

These two are our newest friends. The top one is Sally. I am totally enamored with her, because of her talent in camouflage. Look how well she blends with that tree trunk. She's quite confident in her ability to be undetectable. She would hardly move unless it looked like we actually intended to touch her. Quite serene, this little toad.

Sam, on the other hand, was a bit more jumpy. (Get it? Jumpy? insert groan) His nerves were probably due to the fact that he had just been chased from his hidey hole by a roaring lawnmower. He hung out in our flower bed for a bit, but hopped away as soon as no one was looking. I had a hard time getting a picture of his face. He kept turning around everytime I got close to him with the camera!

Aren't they cute? I'm just totally amazed that two totally different looking toads are living in the same yard. You'd think you'd just get the same kinds of toads.

Anyone ever had one of those little toad house things? Do they really use them? If so, I might need one!


Marie said...

I can't believe you have toads in your yard. All I have is a mole who is digging way too many holes in my garden.

beadinbythesea said...

Great camoulage on that first toad! Very cool to have two critters living in your backyard. I love the sound they make too!

Christopher And Tia said...

Not only do toads scare the everything out of me, but... (I hate to do it)... you're it! *tags becky*

All of the super fun details are hanging out back at ChristopherAndTia. Can you come out and play tag with us? Huh, can you can you?