Thursday, May 8, 2008

I did it!

I did it! I took the plunge last night and cut my hair short! I also added a bit of color. My new haircolor is caramel-walnut-brandy. Doesn't that sound yummy? I'm actually really pleased with how it turned out. I have a long standing fear of short hair that goes way back to the fourth grade. When I called my sister and told her that I was going short, she was a bit nervous. My hair is quite fine and very, very straight. No matter what you do to it, it will be flat. Fortunately, this style is just that. straight and flat. She was quite happy with the results, too.

I let her wax my eyebrows, too. I kind of think she takes a bit of pleasure in causing her big sis that kind of pain. I always wait too long between waxings, so it's kind of a big job. They always look soooo much better when it's over, though!

So, now that I have this fabulous new hairdo, I'm thinking I deserve new glasses, too. I'd love to go back to my contacts, but they cause me too much grief. My eyes are just too dry to tolerate them for very long. So, maybe some sexy new specs are in order. Heck, I'm due for a pair courtesy of our insurance company!

So, the big plan or the weekend is Lil' Kay's 5th birthday party! He actually turns 5 today, but we're celebrating with a dinosaur bowling party on Saturday. This morning, he didn't want to wake up, even though Daddy was singing "Happy Birthday" quite loudly. Finally, Dad said, "I can't believe you don't want to open your present!" Lil' Kay stumbled out of bed, all bleary-eyed and said, "Gotta open presents," in a very zombie-like manner. We're going to Applebee's for supper tonight, so they can sing and bring him free dessert.


Marie said...

The haircut looks darling on you. Have fun showing it off to everybody.

picciolo said...

oh wow, your hair looks great! It really suits you
: )

Nodin's Nest said...

terrific new look!

Mandi said...

I love the hair cut! You look so sophisticated! Very pretty!