Thursday, May 29, 2008

Long Time, No Blog!

I have been totally missing from the blogosphere lately! I haven't been blogging or even reading blogs. Chalk it up to being busy at work, feeling a bit down, tired, whatever! Anyway, I'm back!

But, I have been meaning to blog about Lil' Kay's birthday party! He turned 5 at the beginning of May. He wanted a dinosaur bowling party. The party was lots of fun, although he and his friend Laney didn't bowl nearly as much as we adults did! They were more interested in running back to the party room to check out the cake. And what a cake it was! My parents live half a block away from the absolutely best cakemaker in the whole world! She's been making cakes for us for years. She made my wedding cake and my sister's and my brother's. She made a welcome home cake for my brother when he returned from Iraq. (It had tanks and "sand" on it!!)
I called her up and asked her for a dinosaur cake. She asked if I wanted one shaped like a dinosaur. I told her it didn't matter. Whatever she came up with would be great. When my mom walked into the bowling alley carrying this cake, I was blown away! It has a freakin' volcano on it! And palm trees!! Everything was edible except the plastic dinosaur figures. The trees were made out of giant pretzel sticks and frosting. The volcano was cake and lots of frosting. So, so cool! Lil' Kay couldn't stop looking at it! He didn't end up eating much of the cake, but he loved those palm trees!
So, there's a quick update from my corner of the world. I've got more silly 5 year old stories coming! That kid says the funniest things! (And, guess what! I sewed something!!)

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Marie said...

What a neat looking cake. Your mom is so talented!