Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Recent Finds

A couple Saturdays ago, we woke up and decided to attend an auction. We had no intention of going to this auction when we went to bed on Friday, but we took a peek at some pictures, it was nearby and we figured, "What the heck?"

So glad we went! We ended up with some great items!

I can't find any information on this set of vintage glasses. Each one has a card suit symbol on it, and they sit on a nice glass holder. The glasses each stand about 5 inches tall. A friend suggested they may be half pint glasses.

There was a ton of enamelware at this auction. We picked up a few pieces in a fabulous aqua blue color, but this is my favorite piece and one that I am keeping for my crafting trailer. It has a red rim, and I believe is a collapsible spice rack. I think it will look adorable holding colorful bottles of craft supplies.

This was the most exciting purchase of the day, at least in  Roger's opinion. It's a vintage dental chair. He's been working on shining up the chrome so we can get it down to the antique mall as soon as possible. The hydraulics work, and it is in quite good condition. It's a perfect recliner for a man cave!

There were a lot more purchases, but they got hustled into our storage unit, because the real plan for that weekend was to unclutter the house! There is nothing that will clutter your house faster than a good auction!

A couple weeks before this auction, we took the kids and headed to Florence, KS for my aunt and uncle's estate auction. We came home with some great pieces from there, especially if one likes rusty stuff!

Love the nice rusty dolly on the left. The big scoop on the right is called a tumble bug. It will make a very cool industrial look piece for someone! 

This pretty scrolly frame is made of some kind of painted metal. Roger was teasing me about my collection of empty frames. Frankly, they look kind of cool. Why mess them up by adding photos?

One of my other uncles had brought a few pieces of furniture that he had restored to sell at the auction. This cabinet was one of them. Originally it was all blonde. Now, I love mid-century modern, but I'm not a fan of blonde wood. This is so much better and fits our decor perfectly. It's a keeper! Notice I've claimed it by filling it with part of my Pyrex collection. And, I love being able to store stuff in the bottom cupboard!

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MyFancy's Author said...

The glass set looks like depression glass green possibly. Nice finds!

Grumpy Treasures Thrift and Consignment said...

Love it! I think the empty frame display is a very unique idea. We are all so use to seeing pictures displayed in the frames, it sometimes takes away from the frame. I also see more and more people using the rusty look in their gardens. I hoping to come across a wheelbarrow that I just can't live without and display a garden bed or use it in part with a garden waterfall.

Cathey said...

That mid-century cabinet is amazing! That color looks great.
And the dental chair is super cool. I think it would make an awesome addition to a man cave!
Great finds!

Van said...

The spice rack and cups are gorgeous. I love spontaneous hunts, sometimes you score the best vintage that way!

Dawn@ We Call It Junkin.com said...

Oh, you got lots of good stuff! What is it with men and dental chairs? My hubby was just eyeing one recently. Love all your Pyrex and that clock, too. Thanks for visiting me at We Call It Junkin.

Mid Mod Mom said...

Oh my! An auction! I have never been... I am afraid of what would happen if I went... You did so well! Love the furniture and the pyrex.

Ivy and Elephants said...

What a great haul of treasure! I love the frames and glassware. The barber chair is super cool, too. Thanks for your visit and sweet comments.