Monday, August 12, 2013


So, after sitting in our living room 95% finished for at least a year, the Gym Dandy Surrey restoration is complete! I finally figured out how and got up the nerve to sew that canopy! Cutting into a big piece of canvas like that is not to be taken lightly, you know! Roger is very happy to see it done. He did his part with the wood and metal, and he's been on me ever since to do my part with the fabric.

I used this table cover tutorial as a guideline for sewing the corners, and added a little dart where the top of the surrey peaks. This makes the sides of the canopy come down a little further than the original canopy would have, but I like the deeper look. I sewed bits of ribbon at each of the four corners and at the two peak darts so that the canopy can be tied into place. I didn't want a gust of Kansas wind to rip off the canopy and send it flying into the next county! Finally, I used my serger to finish the bottom edge of the canopy before sewing the tasseled fringe into place.

And, then we entered it in the parade! The girls got third place in Saturday's kiddie parade. I wanted to see it in the parade at least once before we offer it up for sale. Our driver was a pro, but her legs were tired when she was done!

We've had several people ask where we got parts and graphics for our Gym Dandy Surrey restoration. We recommend Cowboys & Kidillacs.

More great finds at Nifty Thrifty and Thriftasaurus.


Mid Mod Mom said...

This is awesome! Great job! Love the picture of the girls riding in it.

Melissa said...

It's lovely!!! They are going to love that for such a long time. You know what you're going to love?
Me because you won my giveaway over at Andromeda Vintage! Email me with your info when you have a chance so I can get your prize to you. Thanks so much!!!