Saturday, September 1, 2012

Auction Sampler

Great auction today! It was held in my hometown, so there were lots of familiar faces, not to mention bargains! I'm pretty excited about this huge ornate frame. I just know that this is going to be snatched up as a decorative statement piece!

I knew this was a German religious piece when I bought it, but my German is rusty at best. I broke out my German/English dictionary this evening and broke the code. It says, "Ohne Kreuz keine Krone" "Without the cross, no crown." I loved it when I bought it, and I'm becoming more fond of it all the time! I'm thinking I'll put a hefty price tag on it, and if it doesn't sell, I'll get to keep it!

More religious pictures. I love the art deco details on the Last Supper picture, and the glitteriness (I may have made up that word) of the "Jesus Never Fails" picture. (We came home with a boatload of pictures and frames, because Roger "cleaned up" the leftovers for next to nothing. These are the ones I actual had to win!)

I love vintage Halloween stuff, but I rarely get the chance to buy it. Today, I decided that I wasn't going to let a box full of it slip through my fingers. I bought a box of vintage masks and these two tin noisemakers.

This vintage wallpaper sample book caught my eye early on. It looks as though it has been used for craft projects, but there are still plenty of lovely vintage samples to drool over!

These bridal magazines are all from 1952 and 1953. I've been browsing through them this evening. The dresses are just gorgeous, and the ads are quite educational. But, I have to admit that I am especially enjoying the articles. They are sooooo 1950s!

Loved the vintage nursery decor at this auction. This set of 1960s wooden rock a bye baby images is adorable and in incredible shape.

This Hickory Dickory Dock growth chart has a few condition issues, but how cute is it, anyway?

There is a note written on the back of this framed print saying that it is a Swan Soap advertising picture from the 1940s.

And, if you have a nursery, you're going to need a diaper pail! I love that the label on this is still at least partially intact!

Roger is still questioning my purchase of this pink Coleman cooler. Yes, it's dented. But it's PINK! Someone will want this for a their retro camper or even as a cute planter on their deck. And if they don't, it has a home with me. The inside is pristine. I wouldn't be afraid to use it for storage.

This is just a sample of everything we brought home. I'm no longer worried about having enough stuff for our upcoming barn sales. The first one is in two weeks on September 15. Check it out here - The Red Barn Outdoor Market. And, if you miss us there, we'll be at Kansas Barn Sale on October 6.


pam said...

I would have bought the cooler too! Is the other side dented? Just turn it to the side without ;) I need to go to an auction with you! I would have bought every single thing you did! LOVE IT!

Robert said...

I have a wall hanging identical to your Ohne Kreuz Keine Krone photo! Do you still have yours? Were you able to learn anything about its origin that you would be willing to share? Ours has been in the family for a few generations, but there is no one left who knows anything about how it came to us.

Love your store!