Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Camper Party!!

This week started out rough. Lil Kay was in trouble at school, he was in trouble at home. There was much yelling and plenty of tears. We were all tense and on edge. I felt like the world's worst mom. I knew we needed to turn this around. And fast.

It hit me part way through yesterday afternoon - Camper Party!! So, after work, I went to WalMart, got some supplies and picked up some Subway sandwiches. When I got home, I gathered the rest of my supplies and we headed out to the camper!

After eating our sandwiches, we covered the table with a vinyl tablecloth and broke out the crafting supplies. It's September. I figured it's a good time to start Halloween crafting. Besides, kids love glue! And ModPodge is the king of glue! (Okay, I love glue, too!)

Love the way our tissue paper covered jar pumpkins turned out! We also made some mummy jars by wrapping guaze around the jars and putting on wiggly eyes. (I didn't get pictures. Mostly, because I had to help a lot more with that project.)

Did a little reading on the bed/couch. In fact, after we put Boo to bed, Lil Kay and I snuck back out to the camper to do some homework and more reading. It's so peaceful in the camper!

And, we ended the evening with cupcakes leftover from Boo's birthday party on Sunday. And, that reminds me. I forgot to clean Lil Kay's stained face this morning. He went to school with a blue mustache and beard. Swell.

This was such a good evening. I spent time with the kids without any distractions and we had a great time. I'm very excited about this camper. I'm hoping it will become like an extra room in our house. A sanctuary of sorts. But, it needs more pillows....

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