Sunday, November 4, 2012

Recent Finds

Been a while since I posted, but that doesn't mean we haven't been adding to our stash! So, many things, and I've been trying to clean up the house a bit, too. Not easy when you've got a lot of vintage treasures sitting around.

I have a cousin who is an avid garage saler and has a great eye for vintage stuff. She brings me treasures now and then. Today, she brought me this fantastic Samsonite travel case. I have never had a round one. She also gave me this avocado green Disc-Go-Case for holding all my 45s. (I don't have any 45s, other than the ones that came with the case.) I'm just thrilled because it says, "Disc-Go-Case" on the top!

My mom and I spent the morning at an auction a few weeks ago. I fell in love with this hatbox the minute I saw it. The orange, green and black masquerade graphics are so unique! I think this would make a great Halloween display case. The lid is in less than stellar condition, and I might have overpaid, but I couldn't help myself!

These salt and pepper shakers won me over with their creepy coolness. They're Humpty Dumpty twins! (Still a bit dirty, but nothing that won't clean up!)

Both of these satin aprons are from Ft. George G. Meade in Maryland. I'd never seen souvenir aprons like these before. They definitely need a good steaming, but I have high hopes for both of them!

A sweetheart pillow cover from Camp Wood, TX. I believe it World War II era.

Another pillow cover. This one is a souvenir cover from New Mexico. I liked the cowboy and Indian imagery.

And, three more souvenir pillow covers from Washington, DC, Los Angeles and New York. I think one of these will be kept for the camper. Just have to choose which one!

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Night Garden Design said...

Nice finds! I used to have a similar blue Samsonite case in blue; loved it! In fact, I loved the strap right off of it.

Your humpty dumpty shakers are pretty sweet, too!