Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blue Lincoln

Anytime we go to an auction, we come home with a few items that we didn't really mean to buy, but they were part of a larger lot. Most of those items get dumped into the trash or the garage sale pile. Mr. Lincoln here was one of those items. When I pulled him out of the box, he was a brownish colored lump of metal with some kind of weird residue on him. My first impulse was to toss him in the trash box. But, inspiration struck! I told Roger to clean off the weird ick and shoot him with some spray paint!

Voila!! Blue Lincoln! And, I'm totally in love with him. For now, he's my new mascot. I'm trying to decide whether to stick him in the camper, keep him on my desk or drag him around to the barn sales this fall.

I am now convinced that sometimes, ugly can be fixed. With spray paint.

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Helen and her Daughters said...

I completely agree, I think almost anything can be prettied up with some spray paint!