Monday, August 13, 2012

Retro Camper Re-Do

Earlier this spring we bought a 1960 Fan camper. Remodeling your own retro camper is all the rage these days, right? And, Roger and I love a good remodel/redecorate project! The camper we bought was actually in very good shape. It had already been remodeled once, so it had a nice big air conditioner and good cabinets. However, it also had carpet on the floor, goofy curtains and ugly cushions.

 Last week, we were both on "vacation" from work, so we spent a lot of time working on the camper. I'm pretty stinkin' pleased with the results!

This is our dinette. As you can tell, we removed the carpet and put down some fun black and white tile. Easy to sweep clean. It's the same tile we used for our booth at Paramount Antique Mall. We used a retro chrome and linoleum table that we bought for the dinette table. The rest of the table is being used in our booth, too! My mom and I spent an entire afternoon working on the curtains. I still need to finish the tie-backs. I did the cushions by myself. I'm so proud of those cushions. They are far from perfect, but I didn't have to pay anyone else to do them, and they even have zippers!

I wanted to put sliding curtains on the overhead storage unit above the bed both to hide whatever mess we make up there and to keep things inside during hauling. I had intended to make them fairly tight, but after making the curtains on the windows too tight, I overcompensated and made them too long. But, I'm considering it a happy accident, because now I have this cute little valance looking thing over the bed!

The kitchen we were given to work with was really nice! The countertops aren't bad, the stove top is nice and there's a decent fridge and sink. We did paint the weird floral panelling and put up a cute curtain. You can't tell from these pictures, but the red curtains are all red and white houndstooth. I am so in love with this fabric!

Yesterday, I was all alone in the camper for a few minutes. It was so cool and quiet and cute. I said to myself, "I hereby declare this to be my sanctuary!" I'm imagining one evening a week all to myself in my little camper. Roger is not convinced....


babs said...

Nice re-do. We did a re-do this winter. I just adore it. It is all white inside. It is my sanctuary. I can often be found out in the camper reading, stitching, having a cocktail, or sometimes just a quick cat nap. Love it!

Check it out if you care. On my side bar check out camper or glamping.

Stephenie Daily said...

I love your combo of turquoise and red. It looks great in there. Makes me want to get one of my one for a little sancutary! :)

jAne said...

it's beautiful! have you taken her out for the maiden voyage? does she have a name? thanks for your comment about my "aggie". :o)

teresa said...

I am sooooo envious of your little camper - I dream of re-doing one myself, but my husband is absolutely NOT into camping, so it probably won't happen. I'll just have to vicariously get my fix from others!
Way to go!
- teresa

rjparsons1025 said...

Can you PLEASE tell me where you found your table?!

BeckyKay said...

That table was actually a full-sized chrome table that we cut down to size to fit in the trailer. (The other half is in our booth at an antique mall!)