Monday, March 8, 2010


Stuffie, plushie, softie, whatever you call them, I have become a total junkie! If it's soft and handmade, I love it! I'm currently in a Stuffies Galore swap, so I'm making these little guys for my part. I get to send out five stuffies and get five back. I've already received a ladybug and a trio of strawberries.
These little fish are made using a pattern from Funky Friends Factory. I love the way that repositioning the eyes gives them a completely different personality!

I'm finding the process of stuffie making frustrating, rewarding and magical! It's amazing to me that when I follow the directions, no matter how weird, I end up with a little creature! I've been trolling the internet for patterns and tutorials so I can join more swaps! LOL! Not sure when I'll take time to make new stuff for my own shop. Right now, I'm having fun doing stuff for me!


Desiree said...

Hilarious! I was going to make you a trio of strawberries for the swap. Glad I followed your link. Now I will come up with something else. :)
-Desiree aka user2637

tess said...

I love this! It reminds me of a bright pink dog my sister made for me when I was little. I haven't thought of that dog in years. : ) He was the same material and I think he either only had eyes or didn't have any face at all - she wanted him to be totally cuddly and safe. Awww. I think I'll call her. : )