Friday, March 19, 2010

St Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt

When I got Lil' Kay up on Wednesday, we were discussing St. Patrick's Day. He told me that he wished I would make cookies so that he could go on a treasure hunt for them. Well, I knew I couldn't make cookies, because I would be at work all day, but I'm a total sucker for those big brown eyes and innocent requests! So, I came up with some clues and a bucket with quarters in it and rushed home from work to hide the clues while Mr. Kay picked up the kids from daycare.

Upon arriving home, Lil' Kay found a big green folder sticking out of the mail slot on our house. Inside was a letter from "A Leprechaun" and the first clue. He had a great time figuring out each clue and finding the next one. When he found the treasure, he put each coin into his piggy bank, but he still "wished there would have been cookies!"

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