Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day Gifts

Being a total procrastinator and a little short on cash these days, I decided to make my Mother's Day gifts on Saturday afternoon. Never made a potholder in my life, unless you count those ones I made as a kid on my little plastic loom out of those stretchy loops of knit fabric. (I really want another of those looms!)

Anyway, I decided to dig through my stash of scrap fabric and some up with a few coordinating scraps to turn into pretty potholders. And I'm pretty darn pleased with the results! These are about 9 or 10 inches square, so they're great for sitting hot pans on. Two years ago for Christmas, I got this great Sublime Stitching embroidery pattern transfer book, which I still hadn't used. The patterns inside were absolutely perfect for my potholders.

The red and black one was given to my mom and the pink one went to my grandma. I've also made another for my mother-in-law, but didn't get a picture of it.

Anyway, I had a good time trying out a new project. I'll probably be making more! These days, I've given myself permission to not worry so much about making purses for my shop. Instead, I'm going to work on some other items that have been brewing in my head and see what happens! It's exciting and fun and has given me a new interest in sewing!


Pixie's Purpose said...

I think they are just awesome.

Leanne said...

they are awesome, indeed! very lovely. and i like the sublime stitching patterns, they add the perfect little touch. (you should make some of these to SELL!!) :D

Leanne said...

also...TAG!! you're it!! :)