Saturday, May 30, 2009


I have to brag a bit on myself today, because I accomplished something so uncharacteristic that I could hardly believe it myself!

Today was my hometown's annual summer celebration. Every year, our church has a food booth where we serve brats and sloppy joes or hamburgers. This year, we also hosted a dart throwing booth for kids to win prizes. While I was helping with the food, Lil' Kay was running around with Grandma and his cousin. He came running up to the table where I was serving and begged me with his big brown eyes to come and try to win him a prize. Apparently, he and Grandma had made multiple attempts (and spent about $8) trying to win something.

Now, I am the MOST uncoordinated, unathletic person you will ever find. I'm terrible at hitting targets. I tried to tell him I wouldn't be much help, but he was so insistent. So, I followed him over to the booth, telling him the entire time that I wasn't good at this stuff, and we probably wouldn't win anything.

It was $1 for three throws. I paid for six throws hoping to increase my odds! The good news was that he had his eye on a small prize which only required that I hit two balloons instead of three. My first throw was pathetic! I didn't even make it to the board. I hit TWO balloons with my second throw and one with my third throw. Then they told me I could rethrow my first dart, because I didn't even hit the board. Anyhoo, I managed to win him a BIG prize! He chose this big stuffed parrot which he plans to use for playing pirate. I feel like the coolest mom in the world. So, we're both winners!

(My second round of three throws was embarrassing...)

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Pixie's Purpose said...

You GO Girl. Feels great to be their hero doesn't it, if only for a while.