Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I did it! I finished the pinata in time for the party! I gave him some googly eyes, glued red paper in his mouth for a tongue, cut out teeny tiny claws from white cardstock, and Mr. Kay designed his back plates and helped me stick them on. I couldn't be more proud!
And, then, the second kid up at the party gave it a good hard smack and broke it in half! Note to self: reinforce the area between balloons with more papier mache. That's a picture of Lil' Kay taking a whack at the monster. It was his friend Sam who broke the darn thing open, but none of the other kids seemed to mind not getting their chance. They were too busy snagging the candy and toys!
So, will I ever make another pinata? Probably, but it's highly likely that the next one will be a less ambitious design.


AlyGatr said...

He's awesome...or well...he was! Sorry he didn't last longer, but he sure looked good before the destruction :)

aidan said...

It came out great! All that work to be smashed to pieces though... whew! You're a good mom :)