Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In Lust

Mr. Kay and I are currently in the act of making a concentrated effort to pay off our debt. Basically, that means not a lot of extra money for fun stuff. Plus, we are working very hard to simplify and plan to sell a lot of our extra STUFF. This is mostly as a way to get extra money for debt payoff, but the added bonus has been a feeling of lightness as a result of removing extra junk from our lives.

However, that doesn't change the fact that there are a lot of fabulous things on Etsy that I am currently lusting over! Since I haven't been creating much myself, I thought I'd show off what others have been up to!

Is this not one of the cutest hats you have ever seen? I already have another hat by BKMHattitude, but this one is in a different style and color. I was thinking it would be good for those Saturdays when I have to go to the grocery store, but don't feel like doing my hair. AND it would be perfect for fun nights out, too. (If I ever get the chance to have one of those!) A very cute alternative to the ordinary baseball cap, don't you think?Many, many years ago, my best friend and I were eating vegetable soup. I found a nasty looking piece of carrot in mine and removed it from my soup commenting that it was a "scary carrot." My friend, who is a very competent artist, drew me a little cartoon of a scary carrot complete with fangs and viscious expression. I still have that scrap of notebook paper buried in my boxes of memorabilia. Anyway, my dear friend moved to Indiana over a year ago, and I miss her very much. Wouldn't it be fun to mail her this funny little guy by plushoff? He's not so scary, but I think she'll get the joke. Besides, anthropomorphic food is pretty funny!I am dying to own a piece of art by Scarlett Cat! I just think she has such a unique style. A great combination of girly and sexy! I'd like to start with an ACEO, and maybe, someday, I'll be able to justify a larger piece.Even though I am anxious for spring to truly arrive, I have to admit that I prefer sweaters and jeans to shorts and t-shirts! And, surely, if I need a sweater, it couldn't hurt for my mug to have one, too, right? Isn't this just about the most clever thing? So warm and snuggly looking! I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I do adore a nice hot chocolate. This would look so cute sitting on my desk at work! You can get one from JuleeQue!

What's a girl to do? Maybe I'll dedicate my next sale to myself and use the money for a special treat. I'm only two away from sale #100. Maybe one of these items should be my reward! I'm the queen of justification. I'm sure I'll find a way to get at least one of these into my possession.


picciolo said...

hi, thanks for leaving a kind comment on my blog!
I love all your etsy finds, especially the mug jumper!
: )

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Those are some nice items. I really love the cap!!! Great mini-treasury.

Marie said...

Well of course you should celebrate your 100th sale! It's quite a landmark. I would buy the hat; it's fantastic!