Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Giveaway!!

I was sorting through my fabric and my inventory this weekend and came across this adorable Villette Bag. I absolutely love the bright color of this fabric and feminine apple blossom pattern. Does it get any more springy than this? And, this little lovely could be yours! I'm giving it away!

Here are the rules: Post a comment on this post telling me about your absolute favorite handbag, ever. Or, tell me about the weirdest thing in your bag right now. Or, BOTH!! One entry only please! I'm going to draw a winner on Friday evening (April 4th).

In all fairness, let me tell you about my all-time favorite handbag. And I have to admit that it is not one I made, although those are what I usually carry. This is my favorite bag:

It's a brown leather single strap backpack by Liz Claiborne. I bought it on clearance at Dillards probably close to ten years ago. I love the simple design, and the way it holds plenty of stuff. My favorite part is that rides easily on my back. I almost always take it with me on vacation, because it's such a secure little bag. I took it with me on our getaway to Parkville and haven't gotten switched back to my usual Bronte bag yet.

Here's what is currently in my little backpack:

1) 2 checkbooks - one is our joint account and one is my business account

2) eyeglass cleaning cloth

3) Ice Breakers - I couldn't do my job without these!

4) Comb

5) Pocket mirror that I bought on Etsy - I use this to check my teeth almost everytime I go into a closing. I'm a little paranoid...

6) Fingernail Clippers

7) Mary Kay lip gloss - I am not a lipstick-wearer, but this gloss is light and adds just a hint of color

8) A battery - I threw this away after I took the picture.

9) CO Bigelow Ultra Mentha Lip Shine - My lips get terribly dry and this also gives your breath a quick freshening, too!

10) Kleenex pack

11) My black flat wallet - I love this thing!

12) Cellphone

13) Wad of trash and receipts - I'm no neater in my purse than I am in my car.

14) Ibuprofen in an Excedrin bottle - I ocassionally suffer from migraine headaches. I will not go anywhere without some kind of headache pill.

15) Keys to Roger's car and our mini van

16) My regular keys

17) And, the weirdest item - a black plastic scorpion. What can I say? I have an almost 5 year old boy.


Jennifer said... favorite bag is an All My Memories purse that is light pink with brown trim. It has a front pocket that holds three photos. I also have the wallet to match! I LOVE this bag!

My weirdest thing in my purse is snowboard wax!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Cute purse- green is my favorite color. I love my green all my memories purse and wallet. It did not last forever though. I always got comments from people and it carried everything so nicely. I hate my nine west bag I use now. It is an abyss. Weirdest thing in my purse? Hmm, maybe a bag of sticky insects and lizards from my 6 year old little girl who loves bugs. They creep me out!


Juls said...

My fav bag is my Gucci tote that I got on sale. I take it when I travel especially but use it as an everyday purse too cause it's cute, pink, roomy and has a butterfly charm (my fav's are butterflies). I was lucky and was able to get the matching wallet which was shipped from Hawaii the only store that had it. The weirdest thing in my purse right now is a set of toes spreaders and half of a nail file (got it from the spa where I got a pedi). I guess I should take it out....

Love your bags by the way! ;D

Toby said...

I have a love/hate relationship with purses. I seem to hang on to a purse until the insides completely fall I hate shopping for purses! But I always need one. What is something wierd in my purse? Let me check! Interesting..I brought pieces of plastic bag from job home with me tonite. I guess I had my purse right under my machine Otherwise, it is just the normal things..wallet, change, candy and checkbook! Thanks for letting me comment and good luck with the drawing!

Kimi said...

I have a love affair with bags. My current bag is brown, with 4 compartments. I found it at JC Penny's for $6.97! I love a bargain, and spotted it right away. It's leather too! It's on the other side of the room or I'd tell you the brand name.

Right now my purse has a wallet, my coupon organizer, keys, comb, pen, large paper clip, nail file, discharge papers from when I had the tubes put in my kidneys, chocolate altoid tin, pill holder, pill cutter & a kleenex pocket pack.

You're really talented! Those bags are adorable. Thanks for the fun contest.

sbonetsue said...

My favorite bag has a tapestry picture of a Basset Hound on it. I bought it from the Basset Hound recuse group and it has all the right pockets and is just the right size. Besides I loooove my dog and have to show the world.

Of course the weidest thing in my bag is poop bags, I always clean up after the beast.

lv2scpbk said...

I bought a bag that is a Kathy VanZealand from QVC. It was on easy pay. I love the color and the decorations she puts on it, but only wish the straps were a little longer. I have a thing for tote bags too because I carry them to my book and writing group with me. So, I love having different ones to carry with me.
Your bags look wonderful. I clicked on your link from the SBA site.
I don't think this is weird so much, but I have a stir stick in my purse I got from the convience store with my coffee. I didn't use it and just forgot to take it out.

Jodi said...

What a cute handbag!!

My favorite handbag is my photo bag. I love to change the pictures in it frequently.

scrappinmama said...

What cute purses!! My favorite handbag is Navy blue with tons of pockets.. And the oddest thing I have in my purse right now.. Would you believe a light bulb? :) My desk light went out this morning and I can never remember what size to buy, so I put it in there for a reference when I go shopping.

elisebeth said...

What Toby said above...I will hang onto a purse until it is in tatters. My favorite bag was from Target, and it was a birthday present from a friend that was given to me about 7 years ago! It was the perfect size, went with every outfit (it was black, with brown stitching). I would still have it, but I wore it out badly. The strap was fraying and it just looked sad. I retired it last year. :(

Marie said...

My first true purse love was a black leather purse. It was handmade by my uncle who lives in Germany. It had a stone button covering a magnet closure. I wore it to death. I still have it, but hardly use it now because I am worried it is getting close to the end of its life span.
Love the green purse you made!

MillieDog Designs said...

What a great blog.. such a cute idea for a post.. and your bag is fantastic!

My favorite... oh, that's hard as I'm a handbag addict.

Probably the white/pink one I'm carrying now. It's white with pink ruffles around the hems and the inside lining is full of bats, sheet and other weird animals. I actually got it at B&BW!
Inside... my goodness....
I have lipstick, gum, mirror, wallet, camera, tax forms, computer/camera attachment thingy, sunglasses, cell phone, pen, keys, and other unmentionables. Earlier it also had my winter gloves and an umbrella but I put them out in my car during lunch. LOL

ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

My favorite bag is an old Coach bag. It's brown, sort of ugly, but so soft and just easy to use!
I don't have anything weird in my purse, but I have lots of gum! Loads and loads of!

ChristopherAndTia said...

First I have to say, nice keychain! Har har.

I've never had a favorite purse. So I'll tell the story of my first purse. The first one I remember at least.

One summer I flew down to California to visit my grandparents in wine country. They drove me 50 miles away to an Old Navy, to go back to school shopping (I was 14 maybe). There I spotted a bright orange messenger type bag, with a reflective stripe across the center of the over flap. I can't remember why I wanted it so bad. Maybe because other kids has something similar, and I wanted to fit in. I wore that bag OUT. Poor thing ended up getting autographed by a slightly terrible musician and thrown away later in life. My style has changed dramatically since then, so I doubt I'd still have it anyways.

(I'm linking your blog to my blog now)

mamichelle said...

First of all, that green bag is GORGEOUS!!

Second, my purse is a plain black distressed bag I bought at JCP a few yrs. ago. My mom keeps offering to shoe polish it! It has a couple of inside pockets and it's loaded with:
all kinds of advil
snippets of ribbon I keep looking for
wallet filled with credit cards
cheater glasses
lipstick in several styles
emory board

I tried to paste a photo but it didn't work.

Tracy *SBA* said...

I was laughing at my sister who was going to spend over a $100.00 for some kind of purse called a coach purse. I'm not into designer anything so I have no idea what that means. LOL . But I was laughing at her for wanting to spend that much on a purse. I tell her I have a cute purse that's perfect it has a place for cell phone and check book. And it was cheap I only paid $15.00 for it at I think Wal-Mart. Well I guess I made my sister feel so guilty she didn't buy this coach purse but in stead went to Target and bought a new purse well she came up to visit and we meet at the restaurant to have lunch together we walk in and we both set our purses on the table and here my sister had bought the exact same purse I had!!!! LOL I was teasing her so bad it was funny I made her buy me lunch because I figured she saved $95.00 on the purse after she listened to me... LOL

Jessica said...

my fav bag is a silver clutch

ihchicky said...

Weirdest item in my purse is probably a digital tire gauge. As for a favorite purse, I don't really have one. But I love the one you are giving away. It's beautiful!

Kerry said...

My favortie purse is one my ex-MIL bought for me for a wedding we were going to. Its wine velvet that looks goldish in certain light...I have no idea what to call that fabric. It has little sead beads and embroidery...I use it as a daily, even though it's kind of fancy. Being a jeans and sneakers kind of girl, I guess it must look silly, but atleast in 2008 I am trying to carry a purse like a girl! Before this year, it was all in the pockets!