Friday, February 1, 2008

Mr Kay Gets Crafty

My husband really is an artist. He even has the expensive, private, liberal arts college degree to prove it. Most of the paintings in our house were done by him, and one of his large sculptures dominates our living room. Mr. Kay (as I will call him for the purposes of this blog) is also a graphic designer, private airplane pilot and World War I history buff.
Over the past couple of years, he has built a small collection of antique war helmets and has been looking for ways to display them. I suggested foam heads. Lo and behold, a couple large boxes of white foam heads showed up on our front porch. In order to play down the stark whiteness of the heads, Mr. Kay decided to alter them a bit. He broke out the cheesecloth, Elmer's glue and acrylic paint to alter these guys. Our son, Lil' Kay, named the first one "Fred the Head". I think they look great with their muted colors and texture. I suggested that he open his own "head shop".
The only creepy thing is that they are all lined up around our office, and everytime I sit at the computer, I feel like I'm being watched.


Nicole said...

That's really fun. . . what a clever way to display the helmets! :-) and you're right, the muted tones are way better than stark white--it also gives it a slightly vintage feel. Cool.

The crayons were from a website someone forwarded to me--if you click on the photo on the blog, it takes you there.

Happy Tuesday!

Tizzalicious said...

They do look great indeed!

ei! kumpel said...

Thanks a lot for your visit and comment on my blog :))

Stephanie said...

cheese cloth! what a great idea... i'm off to find some...

thanks for commenting on my blog about the cake toppers!