Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shopping and Working!

It was an exciting shopping day for me! Mom and I went to Sears and bought the red Kitchen Aid mixer that I have been wanting for years. I had saved up enough credit card reward points to get $150 in Sears gift cards. When we got there, the mixer I wanted was on sale for $270, plus there was a $30 rebate offer! By the time all is said and done, I will have paid $107 for my mixer! Ihave it set up on my kitchen counter, and it looks so good. It may be hard for me to use it though, because it might get dirty...

We also stopped in at Build-A-Bear, because I had another gift card and a coupon. Usually, when I go to Build-A-Bear, I'm there with my four year old son, and he's doing the "building." Today, it was all about me! I made this adorable little cheetah and named her Polly. The Hello Kitty t-shirt is in honor of the fact that I love Hello Kitty! Yes, I'm a 31 year old child! (I can't wait to go back again and make another. I just wish they wouldn't make me do all the stupid "kiss the heart" crap!)

I spent this evening taking photos of a ton of my sister's baby blankets for She Made It. I'm excited to add some new items to the shop.
I'll also be adding this handbag soon to BeckyKay Designs.

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KARA said...

OH MY GOD - how super jealous am I, I have wanted a kitchen aid since forever well done to you.
I love HK too, oh my we are like twins lol.
That bag is to die for, you are naughty I am gonna have to find some monery for that, oh I hope it doesn't go that fabric is gorgeous