Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm not a subscriber, but I should be!

Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion is one of my favorite magazines. I don't subscribe, but whenever I see a new issue on the newstand, I have to grab it. It really is an inspiring magazine for me. Every month, there are articles about various artists who work in different media. There are articles about home decorating, but not the normal untouchable decorating in some magazines. These places actually look like people live there! They highlight unique and fun items, and I always keep my eye open for Etsy sellers in those lists. There are articles about various collectible items and usually a few craft projects thrown in for good measure.
This month there is a pattern for the cutest little house slippers. I've already photocopied the pattern so I can make a pair for my big ole size 9 feet! There is also an article all about collecting antique and vintage children's sewing machines. They are adorable, and it totally makes me want to start scouring the antique shops. Can't wait for warmer weather when the local auction season will start!
I was just perusing their website a bit and it is amazing, too! Go check it out and pick up a copy of the magazine the next time you're at the grocery store!
Hmmmm... Maybe I should fill out and send in this little subscription card!

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*******chocolatecanary********* said...

I love this mag too - I pick it up at the library. She often has fellow St. Louisians featured!!