Monday, October 1, 2007

Random Stuff

Holy moly! It's been way too long since I updated this blog! I've had good intentions, just not very good follow through.

The truth is that I have been very busy! My first craft show of the fall season is in two weeks. I have been frantically sewing and sewing and sewing! I want to be absolutely certain that I have enough bags to fill our booth. Last night, I worked on making pennant banners to decorate our table. They are actually turning out very cute and I can't wait to finish them tonight. I'll try to post photos of that project.

My sister and I work together on our craft show booths. Jessica makes adorable headbands and hair accessories, as well as doll/baby blankets and travel pillowcases. Next Saturday, we are going to tape out a booth space on my living room floor and plan out our booths for the three shows we are doing.

I was telling a friend about the shows we have signed up for. This particular friend used to do craft shows and is the organizer for our local craft show. She said that the big show we are doing in November is really good. In fact, she sold out the first year she did it! Talk about throwing us into a panic and a frenzy of sewing!

Anyhoo, my dining room is covered in bits of fabric scraps, and my sewing machine is humming happily along each evening. It's nice to be busy!


KARA said...

wow Becky fab news, oh that sounds great, although I can imagine the fear, I have three events coming up and hate the way my stall is set up so I think I better start thinking

sexy said...