Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One of my favorite things

I absolutely love to go to auctions. I don't go very often, but love to find a good one, especially if it is local. Saturday, I spent the entire day at a local estate auction. So many of the items I wanted went for much higher than I was willing to pay, including this totally amazing red retro chair. It had such a good shape and the red plush upholstery was in great condition. A few years ago, I probably could have bought it for a dollar, but now retro is in, and it sold for $27.50. Still a good deal, but I didn't think my hubby would appreciate me paying that much for an "ugly" chair.

I did end up buying a pair of J A Henckel crane scissors, an old box of thimbles, a six gallon stone crock, a vintage hat, a pair of wooden straight back chairs and a box of blue willow china which I collect. It is absolutely hilarious the way I get such an adrenaline rush from bidding at auctions. At the end of the day, I could barely write my check because my hand was shaking so badly. I was writing like a 90 year old woman! So embarrassing!

I've been playing with my new photo tent this evening. Here are some pictures of the treasures I bought this weekend!

Hubby wants to know what I'm going to use the crock for. Any suggestions?


fernfiddlehead said...

Tag!! You're it! :) Please see my blog for details.

KARA said...

umm i love all those goodies, my grandma had crane scissors I always loved them, and the hat wow amazing doesn't cut it and the box too they are so hard to come by.
how big is the crock, think it would be a cool flower pot.

Karen said...

Depending on size, you could use it for a utensil holder on a kitchen counter (spoons, spatulas, etc.)...a plant holder/flower pot...umbrella stand (if it's really big!)...ummm....

Great finds! I love auctions and flea markets...so many goodies to be had!

Barbra said...

Great stuff...wish we had some good ones here.

Barbra said...

Great stuff...wish we had some good ones here.