Friday, August 10, 2007

Updates coming...

I haven't updated all week, and I'm feeling a bit guilty.

In an attempt to efficiently work a fulltime "regular" job and grow my purse business, I've been trying to work on "fun" business during my lunch hour. I've been sewing little "purse posies" while I sit in our break room at work and watch HGTV. I'm going to post some pictures, but I keep forgetting to take the photos! (I am adding this to my to-do list.)

My co-worker found a kitten on the interstate yesterday, and I agreed to keep him. He's been at the vet since 8:30 yesterday morning. We were a bit concerned that he wasn't going to live, but this morning, the vet said I could take him home today. (More pictures to take.)

I'm currently reading The Craft Business Answer Book by Barbara Brabec. It's been really helpful, and I'll be posting a review when I'm done.

My sister and I are planning to do two craft shows this fall. We've done shows in the past, but we are focusing on our booth presentation this year. My plan for my lunch hour today is go to the local second hand and antique stores and try to find some inspiring pieces to use for our display. (Will post pictures if I find something.)

So, there are lots of good things coming to purse-onality, I've just got to get them done!

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anodyne said...

You've got such pretty purses! And I'm looking forward to reading your review of The Craft Business Answer Book. :)