Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Working on the fun stuff!

Things really are starting to come together. Even I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Roger and I both took last week off from work, and Roger spent a fair amount of time out in the trailer. We also took a trip to Menards and found the perfect material for the counter tops.

Last night I went looking for the perfect fabric for the curtains. I came across this one on my local quilt shop's website. My thought was that I would go browse the store today, measure tonight and buy tomorrow, but when I got to the store today, I found out that this fabric had already been sent out to their discounted fabric store on the other side of town. I took the fact that it was discounted as a sign that this was definitely the perfect fabric. So, I hightailed it out to the outlet mall and bought all they had - 12 3/4 yards from a 13 yard bolt.

I bought this, too. Because who the heck goes to the fabric store and only buys one thing??

The picture doesn't do justice to how bright and vivid these prints are. I'll probably use them for a pillow. Something that really shows off those cute little dollies.

Anyway, we also went down to San Antonio last weekend for a short vacation to SeaWorld. On the way there, we passed an IKEA. Just think! I could pick out my IKEA stuff in person and we wouldn't have to pay shipping. We could just haul it home with us! So, on our way home, we stopped by and had a great time buzzing though the store and picking up just what I wanted. (Our kids hated it. Our son has ranked it number four on his list of most hated stores. Right after Dillons (grocery store), Lowe's and Menard's.)

Being there in person with my contractor (Roger) made it much easier to figure out exactly what we needed in terms of IKEA's hanging rail system. You buy some cute rails like this:
Then you buy little things to hang from them to hold stuff. Like this:
Or these:

And, I've been needing a chair. This one is quite comfy. Granted, it doesn't have wheels, but since I question how level my trailer will actually remain, that might be a benefit.

Finally, the piece that I have wanted since the moment I laid eyes on it! This gorgeous rolling kitchen cart!
It's just as beautiful as I imagined. I can't wait to fill it full of stuff!

Yes, there has been more progress made on the trailer, but I haven't taken photos in a while. I promise to do it soon!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE love IKEA! I have the rolling cart in my craft room. How did u use it?