Monday, October 28, 2013

Unique Antique Market

Roger and I spent Sunday in our booth at the Unique Antique Market in Wichita. So many gorgeous booths and lots of great stuff! Since it was an indoor show, I finally got to wear my vintage-style red dress.

We sold stuff, but I'm most excited about what we bought! Our neighbor had some awesome stuff. Roger bought this Royal Crown sign.

I countered by buying this adorable shooting target toy. I love those little crows and their hats!

We added these two beauties to our collection. Both have gorgeous frames and curved glass.

These Scotch tape tins will be perfect for storing bits and bobs in my craft studio.

This fabulous red suitcase was in Olive and Mickey's booth. And, I had a blue suitcase in my booth that I knew Teresa (goodness, I hope I'm remembering her name right!!) had been admiring. So, we swapped!!

My most favorite purchase was this gorgeous handmade pin cushion by Lori Casey. The detail and workmanship is divine. I'm so happy to add this to my collection.

And, I didn't buy this, but I snapped a picture because it's the best creepy cool thing I've seen in a while! And, it's that time of year!

Happy Halloween!

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kate steeper said...

the tins are awesome and youve highlighted why i can never do a stall at a vintage fair ...I to would just buy

Van said...

Love the pretty red dress and all of the vintage goodness :D