Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Still working!

Roger has been after me to get some more photos of the trailer remodel posted. He says we have stalkers and need to keep them happy. So, I apologize to our stalkers for my tardiness! These are pictures from the end of April. Roger has done even more work, but I haven't gotten those photos uploaded yet.

He began replacing the three vents in the roof of the Streamline. While he's installing them, he's also polishing the area around them. This is a very good way to get a sun burn. It's kind of like sunbathing with a pie tin in front of your face.

This is how he's been accessing the roof. He's also been actually on the roof which is quite scary!

The closets and shelves are painted, except for the insides.

The Pyrex Friendship pattern has been my color inspiration for the trailer. I think I nailed the colors!

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Amanda said...

This stalker thanks you for the pics! :) And yes, the colors are pretty much spot on with the Friendship piece. Keep up the good work!