Monday, April 22, 2013

Busy weekend!

It was not my original intention to attend any auctions this past weekend. However, when my Aunt Fern sent me the sale bill for an auction in Burns, I had to at least take a look. Well, the photos were too tempting, and I spent a bit of my childhood in this part of the state, so I couldn't resist driving out there. I'm glad I did. I didn't buy a lot. There were dealers there with deeper pockets than I. But, I got to see some of my favorite countryside and visit with an old friend.

I purchased a handful of these little advertising cards at the auction. Each one is two-sided and about the size of a playing card. They're amusing, especially if you have ever been to Burns. It's a tiny place! The school that I attended in the early 80s is no longer there. The bank that was there literally fell down. Parts of the movie "Mars Attacks!" were filmed there. But back in the old days it had a newspaper, a "fine City Hall", three churches, a "good catholic school", and was free from cyclones and crop failures! Not to mention that nearly all the farmers had telephones! Quite the progressive place!

I also bought this birdcage and stand. It's filthy! But absolutely fabulous! It needs a very serious hose down. I'm hoping I can get it into shape for the Red Barn Outdoor Market this coming Saturday. I also picked up a box of Christmas decorations, some wooden spinning tops, a pink aluminum canister and breadbox set, some silhouette pictures, tv trays, a toy ironing board and another vintage samsonite suitcase.

More vintage finds at Thriftasaurus!

Sunday afternoon, we went back to work on the trailer. Painting is one of my favorite parts, because the results are so dramatic. Roger won't let me paint. He's way too particular, and frankly, I don't have the steady hand that he does. I am, however, allowed to prime.

I am pretty proud of myself for picking out truly red paint. That is real red. Fire engine red! Cherry red! "Whore's lipstick" red. Thanks, Roger. That primer work on the inside is all me! The inside of the closets will be the same aqua blue as the ceiling. And, we will be putting doors back on them.

Just a reminder of what the closet looked like "before". Black is not an easy color of paint to cover up. But, I bet red won't be easy either!

If you want to see more before and during pictures of our Streamline remodel, you can check it out on Flickr. Here's the link.

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That bird cage is wonderful!