Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blue June at Newton Antique Mall

We opened our booth at Newton Antique Mall at the beginning of July. After a few weeks, we knew we really need a larger booth! So, as of August 1, we have expanded! Lots more room for lots more stuff!

Here's what the booth looked like before:

That actually kind of embarrasses me, a little! It looks SO much better now! Here's hoping for lots of sales in August to justify the new space!


Lonesome Road Studio said...

The new booth looks wonderful - so professional and inviting!

Jolene@JoRetro said...

I like the way you've decorated the booth, it's bright, fun and not over crowded. It's brave of you to take on more space right away. Just keep adding new items and customers will find you. Remember that some months will be better then others....good luck, and have fun!